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Fraports ambient air quality has improved throughout the entire area

Fraport smoke free solution

The company at a glance
With 20,000 employees Fraport AG in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is one of the largest airport operator companies in the world, involved in the operation of many airports across the globe or acting as their services provider. In the case of the “reference model”, Frankfurt Airport, it employs a staff of 18,500, once its group subsidiaries are also taken into account. Of these, 7,500 employees alone work in the strategic business unit of “Ground Handling”, whose main task is to provide operating services relating to aircraft and passenger handling. The work of the Ground Handling employees is organised according to a wide range of shift patterns. These are generally seven days at a time, and staff out on the concourse are usually exposed to the vagaries of the weather. To ensure the services for the aircraft of the international airlines operating there are performed as efficiently as possible, the individual staff sites are distributed over the entire airport site.

Why smoking cabins?
In the service offices of the Ground Handling unit, where the hours of work are in many cases around the clock, the proportion of employees who smoke is particularly high, at around 55 per cent. Before the statutory provisions governing protection of non-smokers came into force, the company tried to separate smokers from nonsmokers by making changes to the room layouts, using glass partitions in the duty rooms for instance. Once the law came into effect, however, this was no longer possible as a general solution. In cooperation with the management of the ground handling services, an initial one-year pilot project was conducted, where three smoking cabins from QleanAir Scandinavia were tested out at one of the service offices. The SFS cabins have met with a good response from all of the staff.

  • Within only three to four days, acceptance on the part of the smokers and, above all, the non-smokers in the employee groups was one hundred per cent.
  • By combining the smoker and non-smoker areas a situation was achieved that proved satisfactory for all employees.
  • The removal of the partitions meant an increase in area and space for the staff.
  • Communication and social interaction of staff of all nationalities has been enhanced thanks to the beneficial effects of the smoking cabins. There is no unpleasant smell drifting outside.
  • The smokers are remarkably disciplined in terms of occupation of the cabins, which accommodate a maximum of eight at a time.
  • Thanks to the advanced technology of QleanAir Scandinavia, the quality of the ambient air has been improved throughout the entire area.

Once the year designated for the project had come to an end, smoking cabins were installed in a further three ground handling services departments. These also witnessed very rapid acceptance on the part of the employees. On the basis of this very positive experience obtained in a real-use context, the intention now is to try to install QleanAir smoking cabins over the entire site and in all units of Fraport AG at Frankfurt Airport. The experience of the past two years, and particularly with regard to QleanAir Scandinavia’s comprehensive service package, has meant that the overall impression of all involved is without exception positive.