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QleanUp™ – Smoking Room Clean Air Concept

Cigarette And Ash Handling For Smoking Rooms

QleanUp™ is a freestanding ash handling and cigarette disposal system.

The patented, fireproof design ensures that each cigarette is fully extinguished upon disposal, solving the smoke related issues of users leaving cigarettes burning.

The cigarettes are collected and contained in the patented, fireproof and scent free Aluminum bag (NiContain™). QleanUp complies with all regulatory guidelines.


Model QleanUp
Material Steel/Aluminium Steel/Aluminium
Tube Diameter
Foot Diameter

210 mm
701 mm
330 mm

210 mm
1077 mm
500 mm
Weight 13 kg 23 kg
Capacity 3000 cigarettes 6000 cigarettes