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AirQlean High™ – Smoking Room Concept

AirQlean High Ceiling Mounted Air Filter For Smoking Rooms

This is How it Produces Clean Air in Smoking Room Environments »

Technical Specifications of the AirQlean High »

AirQlean High™ captures, cleans and purifies air using a high tech filtering system before recycling it back into the greater environment.

AirQlean High™ is a ceiling mounted air filtration system. Its advanced technology efficiently traps ascending smoke gases and particles, which creates a better air cleaning solution for existing smoking rooms.

Using a system of high performance HEPA and carbon filters, the air that's captured is returned to the smoking room filtered and 100 % clean. Installed in the ceiling above the smokers, the AirQlean High extracts the maximum amount of rising hazardous tobacco smoke from the air.

  • Most efficient air cleaner on the market
  • Cleans a smoking room in less than 12 minutes
  • High airspeed and multiple drift levels
  • Fire protection features to eliminate risks
  • Service indicators guarantees performance over time